Two Programming Mindset to Grow as Developer

What do you think about the following code?

Is there any problem with the above code? This is a fine piece of code. It will work fine when you run it with actual data. I have written a very similar code and I was very proud of that for 2 years.  One day, in […]

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What Steve Jobs can Teach you About Object Oriented Technology?

A year ago I read the biography of Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. Before that, I knew Steve Jobs as a great innovator, inventor, engineer and someone who make expensive products. Aghhhh… I also know him as someone who has given a great commencement speech here: His speech is motivational and inspiring. You should […]

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Decisions Decisions

Let’s talk business. Design patterns. When I was first introduced to design patterns during my graduate classes I immediately become motivated to learn design patterns. The idea of best practices was the key. It seems awesome that some experts from the history(even the ancient history) have outlined tested solutions to common and recurring problems. Our […]

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