Becoming a Professional Software Engineer Quickly–Even if You are a Beginner

I tried to develop a system. I was tired of doing small tasks. I was new. Like a toddler in the professional programming world.

As soon as I know the difference between a task and a project. A project is a collection of tasks resulting in a complete product. Something that you own.

I know that if I own a product in my company I will be able to gain benefits throughout my career. That will be my product. This will be a product attributed to me. And I will patent it

Do you have such dreams?

I started imagining that people are using my product and praising me. Such a dream that was.

I had experience of 1.5 years and I was thinking about, for example, building a new commercial airplane.

Naive! Hah.

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Put a Dinosaur in Zoo

If you have ever been to a zoo you will definitely want to see one animal and that is Lion. Why? It’s because a lion is the king of the jungle. It’s at the top of the food chain. I asked questions from my parents like: “can a lion kill an elephant or crocodile or […]

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